The Turn Em Red Story

Our seasonings started as a simple favor for our wedding guests. With many of our family and friends coming from all across the country, we wanted to deliver something that could be used on all the many dishes that they love with a little bit of southwestern flair. So we created our very first recipe "Slow Noon", our all-purpose chili lime seasoning. The tremendous feedback we received and the continued requests for more blew us away! From there, we got inquiries and requests for more flavors, distinct and fun, that people could use on any multitude of food items.

We researched and scoured everywhere we could to find high quality, locally sourced spices and began blending and testing them on every dish we could think up. It wasn't long before we added 9 more flavors to the collection for 10 flavors in total. With a wide range of no heat to very spicy, there is a flavor for everyone! No matter what you love to cook, there is flavor profile for you. 


As wonderful as these flavors are, we are always in the works of improving and perfecting our product. The research and development continues!


Welcome to Turn Em Red Seasonings.

Who We Are

We are Anthony and Erin Williams, the newlyweds who weren't busy enough as is and decided to start our own seasoning company alongside our current 9-5's. Anthony works in the Aerospace industry and is the main creator of the seasoning blends here at Turn Em Red. After getting laid off from the mortgage industry, it only made sense for Erin to solely dedicate her time to Turn Em Red Seasonings. She comes up with all the creative stuff, such as names, color schemes, photography and social media content. She is also the primary taste tester of the seasonings during R&D as well as the creator of many of the different dishes you see on social media.


Both of us have long enjoyed cooking, grilling, and playing around in the kitchen. Now we get to share that love with you all in a small way that we hope will bring that little "extra" that propels your meals from "good" to "I can't wait to have that again!"